Marci Batiste

Nation’s Premier Self Esteem Enhancer
  • I am a Speaker, an Author and an Advocate for Women

    My goal is to develop a network of women around the world who have a foundation of strong self-esteem and who are comfortable setting healthy boundaries that lead to personal fulfillment and a harmony between work, home and life My goal is for women everywhere to recognize that they have the power within them to create a world that they want to live in so that they can truly love the life they live.
  • You just have to Keep it R.E.A.L!

    I’m here to show you how. It’s a very simple principle.  You commit to living your life everyday with

    • No Regrets
    • No Excuses
    • No Apologies
    • No Limits
  • You are now Empowered to say NO and Free to say YESSSS to your happiness

    Take a look at My Store and get your My World, My Life My Rules T-Shirt because it is!
Marci Batiste, I sold out to my Happiness

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Great team that will committed to helping individuals to love themselves.
Marci Batiste
Nation’s Premier Self Esteem Enhancer Read More
Jazmine Reyes
Happiness Strategist
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